Email Marketing

Automate and optimize your email campaigns

Advanced Email Marketing

Take advantage of email marketing to accelerate your sales cycle and increase conversions. At Night Phoenix Digital we can help you create structured, systematic, and targeted email communications that is both highly measurable and highly successful.

Four Stages of Email Marketing
1) Data – Collect, Segment, Manage
2) Design – Pretty, Compatibility, Dynamic Fields, Subject Line, Copy
  3) Delivery – Email Service Providers (ESPs), Scheduling, Spam
  4) Discovery –  Interaction, metrics, reporting

Email Metrics

It’s important to establish metrics for measuring success at the outset of any campaign. Here are some of the metrics that we report on for every email campaign sent!

  • Total Opens: How Many Times Opened
  • Unique Opens: How Many Recipients Opened
  • Total Clicks: How Many Times Clicked
  • Unique Clicks: How Many Recipients Clicked
  • Open Rate: Recipients Who Opened / Total Sent
  • Click to Open Rate: Unique Clicks / Unique Opens
  • Click through Rate: Unique Clicks / Total Sent
  • Bounce Rate: How many emails are un-deliverable
  • Unsubscribes: How many people opt-out