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Night Phoenix Digital did (and continues to do) excellent work in a very timely manner. Communication is very straightforward. I would hire them again, and give them my strongest recommendation.

Armin Moczek

Professor, Biology, Indiana University

On Ben Atkinson, of of Night Phoenix Digital: As a part of my twenty year career teaching high school and college students, I met Ben over a decade ago when he was a student in my English class. Even as a little squirt, he bubbled with enthusiasm and intelligence. Ben struck me as a hardworking and ambitious student who could do anything he wanted, from being a researcher in a lab to a film director. The years have proven this to be true. I wanted a website for my writing and indie film-making life. I think I told Ben to see if he could come up with a design that evoked the decade of the 80’s, and I might have even mentioned a few Duran Duran album covers to him. I couldn’t be happier with what he came up with, and I receive lots of compliments about my website. I vouch for Ben’s work ethic and honesty. All Hail Night Phoenix Digital!

Bill Torgerson

Lecturer in Rhetoric and Composition, Appalachian State University

The people at Night Phoenix Digital are excellent professionals. We had Night Phoenix Digital to do some upgrades on our music production sites. They worked in a timely manner and went beyond the call of duty. We also had a crises over here last year when two of our most productive websites were hacked. Night Phoenix Enterprises jumped all over it, and the websites were fixed in less than a week in what was a monumental task. On top of that they were flexible on payment terms while we ramped up our business again. Over the years we have hired numerous web designers and SEO consultants. Night Phoenix Digital is one the top three companies around. The rates are fair and the work is impeccable. We will definitely be hiring Night Phoenix Digital again and you should too. We continue to be a leader in our industry and it is because of our web presence. Online Video is an area where we are developing more and more leads now and Night Phoenix Enterprises is right there with us expanding into this vital niche online. Thank you Night Phoenix Digital.

Amber Gillogly

Manager, Glo Glee Music

When I begin looking for someone to design a website for my company, Night Phoenix Digital contacted me and the start of a great relationship happened. They took care of me from beginning to end and they were very professional during the entire process. The website turned out wonderful and I would recommend Night Phoenix Digital anytime!

Marlowe Davis

President, MT Flooring Source

It’s my pleasure to recommend Ben at Night Phoenix Digital. I worked directly with him at SICIL where he designed and managed our Web site. Ben is very creative and easy to work with. His personable attitude and willingness to help were always appreciated at SICIL. When any issues during the development phase of our site arose, we could always trust Ben to help us solve the problem.

Ashley Inman

Marketing & Communications Specialist, RTD

I started working with Night Phoenix Digital in 2009. They were recommended to me by a fellow business owner. I immediately felt the weight lift off of my shoulders as they started to make suggestions and take control. We now have a very nice website that is continually being upgraded and perfected. They are constantly helping us improve our presence in the area and helping develop new ideas and marketing materials. I am very happy with our website and very happy with the work that has been done for us thus far. I look forward to working with Night Phoenix Digital for a very long time!

Karen Longergan

Owner, Red Angel Pizza

Night Phoenix Digital is a rare find. They are attentive, PATIENT, responsible, intelligent, and honorable. They will go the extra mile to please a customer and know what it takes to keep one happy. They genuinely care about the business owner’s needs and will strategize to provide the best website as well as the best service. You will definitely receive your money’s worth with Night Phoenix Digital.

Theodora Tsatsos


I worked with Ben at Night Phoenix Digital for over a year while at Reed Group. His role was an integral part of the success of my MDGuidelines project. Ben was a close collaborator with the Product Development team and played a key role in launching the new MDGuidelines.com web site in May 2015. I find Ben to be incredibly easy to work with, approachable and professional. He is a master of communication, getting the job done quickly and ahead of the delivery dates. On top of all this, he has a great sense of humor! His skill set is versatile enough to work in Digital Marketing, UI/UX Design, E Commerce, Web Design, Film Production, Direct Marketing and more. Ben is an absolute rock star that any company will find to be a great resource.

Lori Holmes CSM, CSPO

Senior Scrum Master, Charles Schwab

Night Phoenix Digital works closely with our company to develop solutions for our growing website business. Last year, they incorporated a Word Press Blog directly into our site. This has helped to increase our ranking on search engines through various SEO tools, as well as given us more control and flexibility within our website. I highly recommend their services.

Robert Prince

Sales and Marketing Director, Want 2 Scrap

Ben at Night Phoenix Digital worked on and completed a research project using genetic tools while at Indiana University in the Dept. of Biology. I was his postdoctoral supervisor during this period. His work was highly reliable and he showed ingenuity in completing research tasks. Ben was highly independent, but also not afraid to ask questions or receive criticism. He is very personable and interacted well with colleagues in the lab, and easily took on a leadership role when the situation required. I am currently in an academic position and have supervised several research projects at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and would rank Ben’s performance as a researcher in the upper 95% range.

Michael Moody

Associate Professor, The University of Texas at El Paso